Saturday, March 12, 2011

Potager Cafe

"As much as possible, we try to use local, natural, & organic products, so we're not feeding you poison." That's what I like to hear from a restaurant- no poison!

I'm in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for a family get-together and, as always, food is one of the focal points of the weekend. For lunch today, we visited the Potager Cafe, a quaint bistro just across the street from the University of Texas - Arlington campus.

The chalkboard menu changes daily. No prices are listed. You simply go up to the counter and order what you'd like in the quantity you want. Today, they were featuring dishes made with ingredients the owner picked up at this morning's farmer's market. You pay what you'd like as you're leaving.

In the words of the owner, "I don't know why more restaurants like this exist. It makes sense. Why not be able to order what you like, in the quantity you like, and pay what you like? It stops wasting food."


Instead of feeling obligated to finish a lot of food my body doesn't need, I was able to order in the portions I prefer. I felt satisfied & happy with my bowl of Southwestern bean soup, a big spoonful of rice primavera, and a small piece of apple cake. Between all of us, we tried everything on the menu including vegetable & goat cheese quiche, salmon & pasta casserole, green salad, and herbed flatbread. It was all delicious! Even my 18 month old niece approved of everything & said "Mmmmm!" with every single bite of apple cake she tried.

It's very refreshing for me to know a place like this exists. I voluntarily paid as much as I would have paid at a mainstream restaurant, but knew I was getting food that was good for me (and delicious to boot!) & supporting a business that follows earth-friendly, sustainable, & healthy practices.

Note: If you're thinking of going there, they've had some issues lately with their landlord so they might be moving to a different location.

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