Monday, March 7, 2011

An "Arg" of Attempted Minimalism

So I've done all the good minimalist things of de-cluttering, de-stuffing, shedding certain consumerist views, experiencing freedom from stuff, & fully enjoying the items that I choose to keep around me. Despite a few minor setbacks (why are free t-shirts so easy to acquire in the Midwest?), I've stayed true to the ideas of minimizing stuff.

And then I discover a shortcoming of my minimalist path: what do I do when the items I rely on daily start breaking & malfunctioning?

For example, I have two standard pairs of work heels. They're nothing fancy, but are comfortable, walkable, versatile, & basically exactly what I need. However, in the last 6 months, both pairs have worn out.

I need clones of my shoes.

But that doesn't exist. I guess there's no way around it. One must go through the effort of shopping, buying, & trying, knowing that the first few attempts might not be the perfect fit.

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  1. I recommend Clark's and Born brands. Stylish and comfy. Head to Weaver's.