Friday, March 11, 2011

Buying Diet?

This article featured on relates our natural instincts of stuff-accumulation to the pre-historic ways of being a hunter-gatherer. The author compares our draw towards stuff to our draw towards eating.

"If you've ever tried to lose weight, you know that willpower isn't enough: Crash dieting never works against deeply primal instincts. What goes for eating goes for acquiring, too.

You see, our hunter-gatherer ancestors survived by collecting pelts, sticks, fibers, hunks of peat -- whatever might keep them comfy in their caves. Thousands of years later, acquiring, just like eating, still flips the switch that tells our primitive lizard brains we're well supplied for hard times. To sustain a balanced buying diet, we must flip that switch without actually accumulating more stuff."

I also cracked up at the author's differentiation between the natural stress responses of men & women.

"Men's stress response says "Fight or flee!" Ours says "Fight or flee -- and make sure everyone has a nice warm sweater!" There's a reason why, when anticipating nerve-racking social events, most of us go directly to "What will I wear?""

So is there an Atkin's version of a buying diet?

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