Thursday, July 28, 2011

On Shoes

A friend shared this video on Facebook today. Beth Shak has over 1,200 pairs of shoes.

This motivated me to count my shoes. I had 27 pairs, quickly decided I could easily live without 2, so I'm down to 25. Several pair are quite superfluous, but that's ok.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sorta Fail: Green Clothes Drying

In my blog reading over the past few years, I readily gleaned that clothes dryers use up lots of energy & cost money. I've always put off trying the clothesline or air drying methods due to convenience sake. This is one side affect of being a frugal, psuedo-minimalist and environmentally conscious person. Since I don't have a lot of certain clothing items, I need them to be clean and dry RIGHT NOW thus I've always used a dryer.

But today I had a bit of extra time, it was like 103 degrees outside (not exaggerating), and I decided to try out my roommate's clothes drying rack thingy since making all my clothes even hotter just felt wrong. So here's the rack.

And cue "You're not a minimalist, you fraud! You own more than two shirts! I can SEE them!" comments.


Anywho. I ran the load of wash then hung my clothes to dry about 2:30 pm with high expectations of a brand new environmentally friendly approach to life and laundry.

In my in-and-outs over the next eight hours, the rack constantly brought up overwhelming feelings of unsettled angst over sighted, unfolded laundry. I can't stand unfolded laundry. (It's kinda like a unclosed parentheses.

But how can you fold laundry that's still wet? Sigh, patience! Inner strength! It's good for the world at large!

I finally came back at 10:00 pm, ready to fold, and go to bed. What do you know, eight hours later, it's still wet. Any dry spots felt like cardboard, and everything's got wrinkles to boot! I just threw the whole load in the dryer to finish up so I can fold dry, unwrinkled laundry and go to bed peacefully.

If I try this again, I'm going to have to find a spot out of sight & out of mind so my chi isn't messed up by unfolded laundry. And how do I not have wrinkly clothes?

) That's for all of you who were struggling with the unclosed parentheses.