Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sorta Fail: Green Clothes Drying

In my blog reading over the past few years, I readily gleaned that clothes dryers use up lots of energy & cost money. I've always put off trying the clothesline or air drying methods due to convenience sake. This is one side affect of being a frugal, psuedo-minimalist and environmentally conscious person. Since I don't have a lot of certain clothing items, I need them to be clean and dry RIGHT NOW thus I've always used a dryer.

But today I had a bit of extra time, it was like 103 degrees outside (not exaggerating), and I decided to try out my roommate's clothes drying rack thingy since making all my clothes even hotter just felt wrong. So here's the rack.

And cue "You're not a minimalist, you fraud! You own more than two shirts! I can SEE them!" comments.


Anywho. I ran the load of wash then hung my clothes to dry about 2:30 pm with high expectations of a brand new environmentally friendly approach to life and laundry.

In my in-and-outs over the next eight hours, the rack constantly brought up overwhelming feelings of unsettled angst over sighted, unfolded laundry. I can't stand unfolded laundry. (It's kinda like a unclosed parentheses.

But how can you fold laundry that's still wet? Sigh, patience! Inner strength! It's good for the world at large!

I finally came back at 10:00 pm, ready to fold, and go to bed. What do you know, eight hours later, it's still wet. Any dry spots felt like cardboard, and everything's got wrinkles to boot! I just threw the whole load in the dryer to finish up so I can fold dry, unwrinkled laundry and go to bed peacefully.

If I try this again, I'm going to have to find a spot out of sight & out of mind so my chi isn't messed up by unfolded laundry. And how do I not have wrinkly clothes?

) That's for all of you who were struggling with the unclosed parentheses.


  1. This happened to me when our dryer broke last week. I thought it had to be a sign for us to go green. Fail. Scratchy, hard, wrinkly shirts don't work for me either. Maybe an outdoor clothesline would be better. But then I run the risk of dust, dog hair and bird poop.
    Let's stick with the dryer. ;)

  2. My mom grew up in California where no one used a dryer. Whether you dry inside or out on a line, your clothes will be scratchy, hard, and wrinkly. My mom actually prefers her towels that way after years and years of knowing only that. Here's a tip: use hangers! Our laundry room has always had a place to hang clothes, and I find that they dry faster than on that drying rack thingy. Another tip - wash clothes at night, hang up to dry before bed, and they're usually ready to fold when you get home from work the next day. You just have to be a better planner about making sure you always have something to wear that's clean (and dry). All that being said - we mostly use the dryer (especially when we did cloth diapers - we never had enough room to hang them up, although sunshine is the best disinfectant, I believe). Oh, and I don't think you're allowed to hang clothes outside in Lawrence anyway - it usually goes against some code or something. :)

  3. Growing up the dryer was only for EMERGENCIES, so you could imagine my joy when we moved in 2000 and started using the dryer. My clothes were SMOOTH and SOFT!

    May I suggest that a reason your clothes take forever is because Kansas is so humid? Move to Austin! :)

  4. Glad to know I'm not the only one with hanging clothes issues! Maybe if I hang dry my towels, the scratchiness will double as a loofah? :)