Tuesday, January 26, 2010

why is wanting simple so complicated?

Maybe it's Murphy's Law, but some things in life just don't want to be simplified. This weekend, my dog nipped someone at a party I was hosting. Last weekend during the intense fog, I hit some kind of animal thus losing a chunk of my bumper & a wheel well. So now I must work on training my dog & finding the time to get estimates & such to get the car fixed.

However, some complicated aspects of life are my own doing. For example, my schedule seems to fill quickly with events that require some level of responsibility or action investment. I constantly use the excuse "It's all fun stuff!" (which it is), but it's still filling up my schedule. I honestly have no clue how working people with kids can function.

And then there are the indecision complications. Do I go to grad school? Where do I go? What program would be the most beneficial or would it be best to just keep working?

I guess if I truly wanted simple, I would just work my 40 hours a week, never go anywhere, never invite people over, and navel gaze during my free time. But that kind of simplicity wouldn't bring me much satisfaction. I like people, having an active life & moving forward with personal goals. But why can't something just be easy & uncomplicated for once?

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  1. I may have just blown your whole blog, but I think complication is a mindset. I have a lot of activities, and they pull me in different directions, but it's all about keeping focus on your goals for life and applying them to each of the activities. If your single-minded and have a strong sense of perpetual purpose, I think it's easier to float from one thing to another. Just a thought.