Monday, January 18, 2010

Minimalist Blags

I had a request for some of the minimalist blogs I read. Some I subscribe to, some I just check out when they pop up as recommendations on my Google Reader page.

Ones I subscribe to:

Becoming Minimalist is about a family of four in their project of adopting a minimalist lifestyle. I like this blog because they approach minimalism from a very practical perspective instead of a militant, theological view.

The Everyday Minimalist is by a young woman who has lots of good ideas about minimalism and includes lots of great pictures in the blog too. She has some entries about practical minimalist steps but also addresses a wide range of minimalist topics.

An Exercise in Frugality isn't directly a minimalist blog, but the concepts of using what you already have and making a conscious effort to stop/reduce shopping go hand-in-hand with many of the minimalist philosophies.

Blogs I read occasionally:

The Minimalist Path has some good, practical suggestions, but the hardcore approach can be a bit much for me. is by the same guy who blogs Zen Habits.

The Minimalist addresses a lot of global over-consumption issues.

Simple. Organized. Life. is not strictly minimalist, but like An Exercise in Frugality, shares many of the same concepts.


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