Thursday, January 7, 2010

Clothing Exchange!

In a few weeks, I'm hosting a clothing exchange! I love these.

The concept: invite lots of friends over, tell them to bring all of the clothing items & accessories they are ready to be rid of, serve some refreshments, set up some dressing areas & mirrors and try on each other's clothes for keeps!

Many items in my closet have come from previous exchanges & I have been able to get rid of many clothing items this way. Instead of having to worry about exchanging money for clothes, you get the satisfaction of knowing that your friends will be using these items just as you will be enjoying their items as well.

For my own personal preparation & to be rid of as many extraneous items as possible, I typically clean out my closet two or three times before the event. Last week I pulled several sweaters and skirts, then today I went through and found a pair of pants (orange ones, oh yeah), two pairs denim shorts, another skirt, my college ballet attire, a swim suit, several shirts & FOUR pairs of way cute shoes I don't wear (and pitched two more pairs of shoes. I'm always glad to get rid of shoes since they are heavy to move & take up lots of space).

Thus far, I am contributing a total of 35 clothing & accessory items & 6 pairs of shoes. Any remaining items will be donated to charity (despite my dreams of getting rich quick by selling them at a consignment boutique). I'll probably do one more sweep, just to make sure I'm really doing a thorough job of eliminating items I don't wear or want.

It's also great to pick up a few items at the exchange that I probably will wear & want for a while. And a major bonus about an exchange is, I didn't pay for it! So in a few months if it's just not working out, I'll put it in my "get rid of" stash and either make millions at Plato's Closet or take it to the next clothing exchange.

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  1. what a great idea. this could be fun with children's clothes, too! They grow out of them so quickly!