Sunday, January 31, 2010

Communication & Uncomplication

I stink at everyday communication. I'd like to believe everyone should be able to read my mind & adjust accordingly. I also like to make assumptions about people & situations, thus doing poorly on one of my goals for this year of "Don't make up random crap in your head." When my desire for telepathy meets my making up stuff, bad things happen and those bad things can get complicated. Since you can't read my mind, I'll be direct: I want complicated to go away.

So, I decided that February should be the month for me to start effectively communicating with people, or at least making a decent attempt. My goal for this communication effort is to be on the same page as other people to hopefully avoid misunderstandings and the resulting fallout. In addition to being on the same page, I want my communications with others to be encouraging & edifying. The world is a tough enough place, my friends & colleagues don't need another source of angst & frustration. And of course, I need a list for myself:

  • Ask more questions about people
  • Ask more questions about events
  • Ask more questions about feelings (this is seriously against my nature, this will be a stretch! I prefer the fact-finding, non-touchy-feely questions)
  • Explain what I am understanding a situation to be, then ask for confirmation
  • Don't make up random crap
  • Particularly in situations of misunderstanding, listen, think, listen, think, think, then talk
  • Initiate communication
  • Readily admit your mistakes
  • Don't get discouraged, remember this takes practice

And please feel free to keep me accountable for my communications!

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