Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WIN: Craigslist

On my To-Do list last Tuesday, I decided to list a few items from my garage clean-out on Craigslist. My previous attempts at making money off old stuff really haven't worked, but those were second-hand stores and eBay with fairly small items. A few years ago, I sold my Toyota Camry on Craigslist in about four hours, so maybe a mini-grill and golf clubs could also sell?

I listed them last Wednesday, and both sold!

Here's some general tips for Craigslist:
  • People prefer to buy physically larger items second-hand (probably also because physically larger items cost more new)
  • If you include lots of pictures, you don't have to write as much
  • Clean your stuff off before taking pictures of it
  • If someone responds to your ad saying they want to "check it out" and the item is easily portable, agree to meet at a location you can walk to. It's manipulation really. They might feel slightly guilty that you have to walk the item back, thus they're more likely to buy it right away.
  • Remember to remove your listing after the item is sold.
  • If you want to protect your identity while corresponding on Craigslist, change your email settings so your full name isn't shown on the to/from line.
What are your Craigslist tips?

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