Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Anti-Procrastination Tuesday: #11

Wow, #11 already? That's almost three months of anti-procrastination! I can happily say that I've knocked off quite a few pending projects off the Ultimate To-Do, the ever-evolving list that lives in my gmail. At least it lives in gmail when I can remember what projects I have.
I do find it interesting that most of the links on Anti-Procrastination Tuesdays have to do with craft or organization projects. I'm hoping that someday the rest of my life will get organized enough for me to be able to tackle projects like that! Is it procrastination if you can't tackle a project because you just don't have enough time? I hope I'm not subconsciously putting projects off because I think I don't have time. Again, this goes back to my issue of sometimes not recognizing projects that need to get done.

So, here's me sitting down to take the time to figure out what I actually need to accomplish.
  • Go through garage
  • List golf clubs on craigslist
  • List mini-grill on craigslist
  • Hope that the two previous tasks won't result in another FAIL blog entry about attempts to sell stuff
  • Go through spare room (and there's actually a deadline on this one! Do before the end of May)
  • Go through closet (again & again & again...)
  • Find a place to live Aug 1
  • Find some new recipes to try out
  • Blog about French Lentil Soup (that's one good recipe!)
  • Go through kitchen
  • Find a good pair of dressy sandals
Well that's all I can think of for now. Yep, that's good.


  1. Great post, love it!
    I can't believe it has been almost 3 months!
    Great list, great reminder that I need to update mine!
    Seasons change,, so does my list!!

  2. You may want to hang onto that mini grill since we are taking the Asian grilling class together in June! Just think of that tasty chicken on a stick...

  3. I feel famous with my artwork on your post. LOL. KRISTEN-MAD!!! (Pounding fists on desk)

  4. mom- unfortunately, I've tried twice but haven't been able to light a fire in the grill, so i'm hoping the George Foreman can turn out a decent Asian BBQ?

    tiffo- you should feel famous! i love that pic a lot.