Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Anti-Procrastination Tuesday: Or Wednesday

Whew! Today has been busy. Lots crossed off the Ultimate To-Do!
  • Got passport photos taken
  • Bought more wrapping paper
  • Recycled unused wire hangers at the local dry cleaner
  • Registered my mom & I for a cooking class at our local health food store
  • Bought a netbook since my 5 year old computer really, really died last week
  • Bought a new pair of running shoes (after trying on about 8 pairs, came back to my favs, New Balance 472. Those shoes just feel like home)
  • Bought replacement tank tops for the ones that fell apart (and maybe two other shirts, but Maurice's was having buy one get one 50% off...)
  • Aired up my bike tires
  • Dermatologist appointment (hopefully only 5 more weeks of Accutane!)
  • Oil change/tire rotation (yeah, they wanted me to get a Firestone credit card. you get $15 off each oil change which for me is like $60-$75 a year, but they wanted my SSN so I said, "No thank you!")
  • Hair appointment
  • 11ish mile bike ride with Dad
  • Dinner with my roommate (using up one of the Christmas coupons we exchanged last year!)
  • Watched (500) Days of Summer (cute movie!)

So it's been a long day. I spent a lot of money. But the nice part about being generally frugal is I have money in the budget when I really need it, and had a bit to spare to utilize my coupons for Reese's Pieces & Hershey's Special Dark With Almonds. Life is good. :)

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