Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Dress-Up Box

Growing up, my sister, our friends & I would play hours and hours of dress-up. We might have even made my brother join in on occasion. Lately going through my closet and dresser, I ran across several items that made me think, "A second-hand store wouldn't take this, it's still in fairly good condition, but it really belongs in a dress-up box." I don't have any kids to give these items to, but I do have a niece! Ok, she's seven months old, but she'll be playing dress-up with her friends before too long!

I haven't exactly collected a huge amount of items, mostly old jewelry and scarves, but over the next three years or so, I can probably put together a decent collection to jump-start a dress-up box (side note to my sister: I'm sure you've picked up on the fact that a load will be coming eventually!). I won't be buying any items, but simply adding pieces from my wardrobe (or friends who want to donate) that can be put to better use through playing house, recreating a wagon train or creating a mermaid city. Who knew the pilgrims had Hawaiian print blouses?

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  1. sounds good! i'm sure a box of such items will create great excitement before long.