Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stuff I Got Rid of This Weekend

Getting rid of stuff gives me the euphoric feeling that some women feel when shopping. But I always second-guess myself when cleaning out, so I have to do small amounts at a time. This weekend I eliminated:
  • about a ream of old paper stuff from my file cabinet
  • 6 CD's & a few books (and made $8.48 for selling them!)
  • the Spanish textbook I've had for 6 years, always intending to teach myself
  • several Bible study books I haven't looked at in several years (some people argue with getting rid of old Bible study notes, but I view it along the lines of getting rid of jr. high algebra notes, but I guess some people keep those too, I'm not judging you if you don't judge me)
  • 2 Red Cross "CPR in the Workplace" quick guides
  • items placed in garage sale/give away pile: picture frames, Walkman, Chewbacca action figure with crossbow, crazy-eye glasses
  • items for eBay: Luxembourg flag, European Union decorative scarf, red laptop case with monkeys inside (well pictures of monkeys, not actual monkeys)
If you want anything in the garage sale/give away/eBay categories, lemme know. I'll give it to you, and even ship it if shipping is a reasonable price (like < $5).

I'm going to try something new with some of my paper documents that are memorabilia, scanning! I don't really need to have the copy of the 2005 Cornhusker Marching Band Service Award, but I want to remember that in 2005, I was kinda spiffy for a bit. Slowly but surely, I will whittle down my stuff!


  1. i recently dumped 75% of my files and placed the rest in my "to scan" pile. so instead of the files, now i have this stack of stuff to scan that taunts me. lol at least it's a start, right?

    how much do you want for chewbacca? what size is he? what condition?

  2. chewbacca is about the size of a normal GI Joe. he's in good condition, but he is wearing the mask from the mynock (sp?) attack from the Empire Strikes Back. i'll try to remember to post a pic soon. if you want him, you can have him for the cost of shipping!