Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bathroom: Check!

I received a HUGE compliment this past weekend. Noah, a Nebraska friend, stopped by my house briefly to catch up, and here's the gist of the conversation...

"Kristen, I like the decorating or whatever in your bathroom."

"Oh? Really?"

"Yeah, 'cause you didn't have a lot of stuff by your sink like some girl's bathrooms, so when I went to wash my hands, I didn't have to guess which stuff would make my hands sticky & smelly and which stuff would be soap."

Score! My bathroom is officially uncomplicated.

And I know it's probably too much information, but here's my bathroom. I'm definitely not a pro at mood-inspiring interior decorating, but I like maps & I like keeping stuff off my sink. Can you find Kazakhstan in your bathroom?

1 comment:

  1. I gave someone Bath and Body Works soap once and they thought it was lotion. Then later they told me they'd been using it for weeks and wondering why it never really absorbed on their hands.
    And Kay's mom lives in KZ so you can think of her when you look at it. =)