Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From Over Here to Over There

I get excited when I can help move an unused object into the hands of someone who needs it. Like today, a friend posted on Facebook that his TV broke last night and he was bummed since the Olympics are coming up. And then I remembered, my parents upgraded their TV last week & were looking to get rid of the old one, even mentioning they would give it away to someone.

So after checking with the parents, I gave their number to my friend and now he's getting their TV for free! Other reallocated items so far this year: laptop, Walkman, clothing, some music & books (and it's only February!). The straight-up giveaway is fantastic, but I really like being about to work out a swap. SO COOL. It reminds me of one of my favorite childhood books "Alvin's Swap Shop" by Clifford B. Hicks, but minus the sunken ship subplot. Alvin ran this awesome shop where no money was exchanged, just stuff traded. Anyway, this week I got a swap, all-natural face soap & goat cheese for teaching fitness classes!

There are several websites devoted to the swap/giveaway concepts like freecycle or the free section of craigslist, but it's kinda fun to be able to connect your friends with other friend's stuff. Plus with friends, you work on an as-needed basis instead of constantly feeling like you have to check a website. Viva la Swap! And go read Alvin's Swap Shop, even if you think you are too old for "kid's" books!

Tangent: Here are the pics of Chewbacca...


  1. You swapped a laptop?! Girl! You somthin' else. :) Chewbacca lookin' good. He been workin' out? (Not sure why I all of the sudden sound like I grew up in the ghetto.)