Saturday, February 20, 2010

Making Winter a Win-Win-Win Situation

It's cold & gray outside, it's been cold & gray, it will continue to be cold & gray for another month or so. Arg, I'm definitely a summer person! I'd been thinking about doing a "Surviving Winter" post and then two of my friends beat me to it. So, here's three perspectives on how to push through the final weeks of winter. Most of the suggestions are geared toward the female reader.

Denise talked about approaching winter with the right attitude and some of the actions that can help make winter seem a bit more survivable. One of her suggestions is exercise & I heartily agree!

Amy came from a slightly different angle and made some great suggestions about freshening up the fashions of winter. Painting my nails is on the Saturday to-do list!

Some of my thoughts & suggestions:
  • Stop complaining about winter. I've found that people like to superficially connect through common unpleasant experiences and complaints, but is that pattern really building healthy relationships with others or instead creating an atmosphere of negativity? I'm not thinking of turning into Pollyanna or anything, but when engaging in small talk with others, trying to focus on connecting through common positive experiences and interests.
  • Laugh more!!! For quick laughs, I utilize YouTube, just search for something like "cat funny" or "whose line is it anyway" and you'll probably find something that will make your mouth turn up at the corners if not fall off your chair holding your stomach. If there's more time available, renting/checking out a season of a favorite sit-com is a good way to carve out relaxation time and probably get a good chuckle.
  • Exercise. Even if you must force yourself, you will be glad you did. Exercise releases endorphins in your brain which makes you feel happy! Plus, you will know that you got off your butt & did something!
  • Wear colors you feel confident in. I'm no fashion expert, but for me, wearing beige or gray makes me feel frumpy then my mind gets frumpy. Isaac Newton discovered this amazing thing called the spectrum (think Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon cover) that provides a full selection of amazing colors, all of which are represented in fashion.
  • Wear styles you feel confident in. Again, not a fashion expert, but I feel more positive when I know I look good. Right now, I'm relegating the baggy clothes & pj pants to Saturdays.
  • Start using all those lotions/soaps/potions you got for Christmas. Can't hurt!
  • Start spring cleaning early!
  • Crank the up-beat music!

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  1. One thing I loved about living in Minneapolis was the amount of winter-sports people participated in. I think winter depresses me in Nebraska because you never see people out and about (walks, playing, etc.). In MN, it didn't stop them: hockey games, cross-country skiing, sledding. This winter I instegated a sledding in the dark party. Way fun! Bundle up--and beat seasonal depression now.

    :) Good post KJ.