Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stuff I Got Rid of This Week

It's been another successful few weeks of getting rid of stuff. I got started again when I was mailed a packet by the Vietnam Veterans of America including a large PINK trashbag I could fill with items to donate. They had a scheduled pick-up day, and all I had to do was put stuff in the trashbag. Easy! At first I was thinking, "I know nothing about this organization. Is this stuff really going to help out veterans? What if this is some sort of scam?" Then I decided, if they are willing to come get my stuff, I don't really care what they do with it.

I went immediately to my garage sale box, which might have netted me maybe $6.25, and added those contents to the PINK trashbag. That box included an old reading lamp, a few dishes (hopefully they don't break), some picture frames, & some movies (VHS so it's kind of like giving away cassette tapes, oh well). I then went through my closet and found a few more items to add. And as promised they came and picked up my stuff!

My mind was definitely on a roll for donations, so who could use some random towels? Maybe the Humane Society needs those? YES! I checked their website for items they are accepting & ended up gathering a bag of towels, used tennis balls (helped out with the garage de-stuffing!), dog shampoo & a few cans of wet dog food I received as samples. Beats me if they'll be able to use everything, but if they pitch it, that's totally fine.

I pitched a few other things too, like some product-endorsing mini footballs (not quite sure why I had those in the first place). One big step I had was only picking up one vendor item at the conference I was at this last week, and I'm planning on giving that item away anyway. I'm already thinking of what else I can do without because I don't use. My thoughts are toward my DVD's right now. The only one I occasionally watch is Nacho Libre. I think the rest can easily find other homes. For me, it's way more fun to borrow/rent DVD's anyway. I've got a few other items to get rid of from the garage, but I might need to use craigslist for those (fairly old women's golf clubs with wheel attachment & a mini-grill. If in my general vicinity & you are interested, let me know).

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  1. we should exchange dvd lists and have a temporary swap!