Monday, April 5, 2010

Anti-Procrastination Tuesdays: The Motivations

Anti-Procrastination Tuesdays: Part 3! Truly, this should be part 5 or 6 or something, but I keep on procrastinating writing a blog in time to get it posted on Amy's Anti-Procrastination link party :(

I've been continuing to work on several household projects I have (planning meals by the month, repotting plants, etc.), but I've also been thinking about some of the motivations behind getting stuff done. Why do we want to accomplish things? What will benefit from starting/working on/finishing a project? What gets us started on a project?

Everyone will have different motivations, mine are primarily intrinsic. Most of the tasks on my list don't really benefit anyone other than myself (also probably since it's just me and the Jack Russell), and most of those tasks exist because something in my life feels out of balance & adds additional distractions to my life. I can get distracted so easily, from a dirty floor, unorganized shoes, documents that need to be scanned, or remembering to add to my Netflix queue. What am I distracted from? Primarily two things: peace of mind & focusing on other people.

Arg! Now my peace of mind is shot! Butler lost to Duke! As a Jayhawk fan, I was rooting for Butler, so now I can't focus enough to write, I'm going to bed. Maybe to be continued...


  1. I love the "half-a-blog" part:) Makes me smile, it IS about babysteps, so half is better than none!! Good for you!
    I've enjoyed reading up on your life, keep on bloggin'!
    Thanks for linking up to "AP Tuesdays"

  2. At school today I wrote on the board that it was Anti-Procrastination Tuesday. One of my smart alec students crossed it out and scribbled "postponed until tomorrow".

  3. Lol, I wrote something similar too. Except that I procrastinated so much that I didn't write an entry until today. I didn't even finish half a blog yesterday, instead I fell asleep.
    I hear you on the motivation. I too get easily distracted. All I end up doing is running around in circles. That is why I always use a times to keep myself focused for at least 10 minutes, but sometimes even that doesn't work.
    Found you at Anti-procrastination Tuesday.