Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anti-Procrastination Tuesdays Part 2

This Tuesday went much smoother than last Tuesday! Here's my second attempt at Amy's suggestion at New Nostalgia of Anti-Procrastination Tuesdays. Instead of just Tuesday though, my anti-procrastination spread into the whole week!

One of the biggest accomplishments of last Tuesday was actually making a list of what I needed to do- The Ultimate ToDo. After carrying around a list for a few days and continually forgetting the list, I decided to migrate to The Ultimate ToDo to the slick little "Tasks" tool inside my gmail account. Not only can I create tasks, check off tasks, & archive tasks, I can view all of my accomplished tasks! This is very handy, since right now I'm thinking, "I did a ton of stuff! I was so productive!...........um........what did I do?"

Some projects I accomplished in the last week:
  • Returned hand x-rays to the doctor's office (oops, had those sitting around about a year)
  • Returned several borrowed items to my parents
  • Scanned about 300 pictures from high school / early college (this was a huge project! I'm so happy I got it done, I've been putting off that project for quite some time. Plus, I did it while watching KU beat KSU for the third time this season. Rock Chalk!)
  • Made first 2010 Roth IRA contribution
  • Subscribed to Netflix so I can watch Big Bang Theory Season 2
  • Tried two new recipes from the More With Less cookbook
  • Vacuumed car in prep for getting the raccoon-destroyed bumper replaced
  • Oiled the squeaky coat closet door (with cooking spray because I didn't have any WD-40 & didn't want to go buy any)
  • Lifted weights TWICE, walked the dog a lot
  • Researched apartments for next fall
  • Ordered replacement dryer door handle
  • Checked out new audio book CD
So now I'm quite happy to relax this evening & enjoy cuddling with the Jack Russell! My continuing goal is to add items to The Ultimate ToDo as soon as I think of them. But for you to also enjoy my anti-procrastination, I present one of my scanned photos from a girl's sleepover in high school...


  1. So impressive!!
    So sorry my Mcklinky closed early, I feel horrible about that when you have such a great post! Please link 2 up next week, and great job with getting stuff done!
    I don't know if you have an igoogle homepage, but if so, there is a gadget you can add called My Listy. I think you would really like it, I love. I know lots of people who use the gmail tasks successfully, so that is great, too!