Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Anti-Procrastination Tuesdays Part 1

So Amy over at New Nostalgia came up with the progressive idea of Anti-Procrastination Tuesdays. Not sure why it's Tuesday, but I suppose it's about as good a day as any.

First item to anti-procrastinate: think of things I need to do and make a to-do list.

So after hitting my snooze two too many times, walking the Jack Russell Terrier (she procrastinates as much as the Energizer Bunny), showering and getting dressed, I made my to-do list. Woot! I realized most of the items were fairly minimal, no huge projects, just things I need to take the five minutes to sit down and do. However, taking the five minutes to create my t0-do list (or realistically hitting the snooze too many times) made my morning a tad behind schedule and I was forced to eat my breakfast of whole grain oatmeal on my way to work. Fortunately, my oatmeal didn't cause any negative traffic situations, but I do recognize that eating while driving is an unsafe habit.

Once I arrived at work, I was ready to start on my work to-do list! Oh crap, I left my cell phone at home in my jacket pocket after walking the Jack Russell. Nar! Fifteen minutes after sitting down at my desk, my boss rushes in, describes that one of the servers is on its last leg and is sounding some kind of obnoxious alarm, then rushes out to save the sick server. My to-do list flew out the window as I attempted to back up critical data to usable servers, contacted users that might have data on the beeping server and tried not to freak out since I didn't really know what was going on. During those tense moments, I received an email saying that the local school board was considering cutting all elementary school instrumental music and the jobs of my former band and orchestra directors. I added "email school board members a persuasive note advocating reconsidering that horrible choice" to the to-do list.

After they bandaged up the ailing server to last for a few more months, I accomplished several of the items on my to-do list and felt pretty good about that, including emailing the school board members (and I just found out that the board took elementary music off the chopping block! Woot! Hopefully they won't think about cutting that again in the next few years or ever!).

After work, teaching kickboxing, and again walking the Jack Russell, I arrived home to find I left my to-do list at work, and because my memory is terrible today, I can only remember two items on my to-do list. This might become Anti-Procrastination Tues./Wed. not because I have trouble getting things done, but because I have trouble remembering what I need to get done. Ooo, just now looking around my desk, I remembered two more items on the list! I just wrote those four items down on my gmail to-do list so I won't be crippled by forgetting little pieces of paper.

So providing I can remember what I need to do, I will be a happy participant in Anti-Procrastination Tuesdays!


  1. LOL! This was funny! So glad you linked up, loved getting a glimpse into a day of yours. Thanks for your support and participation!!

  2. Got another post for me tomorrow??:)
    Can you believe its already been a week??? Hope you had a great one!