Thursday, March 8, 2012

Simplified Shopping Experience?

If you hadn't heard, jcpenney (as it now is referred to I guess) redid their marketing strategy and pricing scheme. Instead of offering sales, coupons, events, blowouts, pre-sale events, specials, and other black magic to attract customers, they cut prices 40% across the board. And they decided to go ahead & call $19.99....$20. They'll save so much ink!

Even though I haven't been a regular jcpenney customer, when I heard about this, something inside me relaxed. It was like a sigh of relief. As a consumer, I want to get the best price on an item, but when it takes lots of effort and research to figure out what combination of sale, coupon, discount, and Groupon it takes to get the best deal, I feel stressed. Some people enjoy that kind of hunt. I don't. I might be more interested in shopping at jcpenney these days.

Now if someone could just simplify the travel industry...

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