Sunday, March 4, 2012

Real Life

Every now and then, I really appreciate the concept of "real life." Sometimes, I feel like life is divided into two categories: the FANTASTIC and the DRAMA. I could blame it on culture, the media, Pinterest and Facebook, but honestly, it's just how we as people like to work. We like sensational!

We don't like to face the reality that most of life is fairly mundane and that sometimes we really screw things up.

This is why the little victories in life are somehow inflated to grand proportions, and we live in some kind of imaginary world where everything is picture perfect. On the flip side, little mishaps or mistakes suddenly become overly dramatic, or even worse, our mistakes are twisted and blamed on someone else so we don't have to accept responsibility.

My real life is:
  • Buckling down to get done what needs to get done because it just needs to get done
  • Spending a good chunk of my weekend studying. It was gorgeous outside :(
  • Spending a few hours cleaning to procrastinate on studying
  • Taking a picture of the cookies I baked even though I don't have a fancy camera or really care about the lighting & presentation of my kitchen
  • Apologizing for snapping at Nolan. He did absolutely nothing to deserve being snapped at.
  • Sitting in a hoodie under my favorite blanket blogging & listening to Sting
  • Eagerly awaiting the Frickin Good Chicken that Nolan is grilling :)
  • Still struggling a bit with not being on Facebook...
But soon to come.....the recipe for the cookies. With my real life picture!

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