Monday, December 28, 2009

Previous Uncomplication Steps: Purse & Hydration

These are a few of my everyday/everywhere items that unclutter my purse and wallet and make things easier to find (and proper recognition to my mother for giving me both organizational items!). First, the red zippy bag holds all the liquids, gels & small items that usually get lost in purses and secondly, the red plastic case holds all my not-regularly used membership/promotional cards which then frees up my wallet to hold the cards I want to regularly find easily. The red zippy bag also makes transitioning to air-travel-mode easy since all I have to do is find a plastic baggie & dump the contents.
And my beloved Nalgene. Nothing compares to the lovely feeling of hydration & knowing that I'm not using an endless supply of bottled water to achieve it. The Nalgene makes measuring water intake easy, I know I need to consume 2-3 per day & I'll feel pretty good.
So these are the regular staples of my day-to-day around & abouting. There's still room for improvement in uncomplicating my around & abouting, but it's a start!


  1. Okay...I have to poke fun at you for the fact that your blog on simplicity has a ridiculously complicated title. AND THAT IS WHY I LOVE YOU! :)

    I'm hoping to start blogging more frequently in 2010...we'll be partners in this crime of self-absorption.

  2. haha! that's why it's a "project". i cope with everything better if it's a project...