Monday, December 13, 2010

Introvert Blogging

So I was thinking the other day, "Hmm, I haven't posted anything on my blog lately. Oh crumb, I have no ideas of anything to post on my blog. What's wrong with me?" And then a friend posted this article on FB about introverts.

As a person who is a few steps in the introvert direction, I found myself nodding in agreement as I read and reflected, "Yes, it's true. I haven't had any time lately to reflect on life, process what's going on, and be able to focus on one topic long enough to compose my thoughts."

A lot of the activities in both my work & personal life lately have been run by extroverts. I like extroverts (most of the time), but I also need time to process & sometimes they don't allow for that. And when multiple extroverts are wanting multiple things out of multiple situations & presume I'm tracking, yeah, I get overwhelmed. That's why I like email- one thing, one subject, one person at a time.

So my focus has been diverted from my inner monologue lately, but that's ok. Extroverts plan some fun stuff!

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