Friday, December 31, 2010

The Best of 2010

My local paper asks an "On The Street" question every day, and today's question was "What was the best thing that happened to you in 2010?"

I'm not sure if I'm amnesiac, but 2010 didn't have any single, solid best thing for me. However, there were lots of little pieces that made 2010 a pretty decent year.

But I'll share my biggest 2010 disappointment first: Nebraska. First, they announced they were leaving the Big 12. And then then they lost the Big 12 tournament game & their bowl game. Oh well.

Moving on to the positives! (in no particular order)

Best New Recipe- Brazilian Fish Stew

Best Music Acquisition- Jamie Cullum: "The Pursuit"

Best Minimalist Moment- Unloading my big ol' TV

Best Minimalist Project- My sister's playroom

Best Dessert- Scottish Shortbread

Best Website-

Favorite Personal Blog Post- You, Me & Stuff

Best Technical Acquisition- HP Netbook

Best Electronic Recycling Discovery- Best Buy

Best Work Moment- Moving to a new office with a HUGE window

Best Vacation- Hiking 14ers with my dad in Colorado

Good Times- Hanging out with my family in Texas

People Who Win for 2010- My parents

Happy New Year!

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