Thursday, January 26, 2012

Resume Tips

Unemployment is a major buzzword right now. However, as one who has been on both sides of the hiring process during the last year, I've had my share of experiences both reading and writing resumes. From the hiring point of view, I'll be honest, only about 10% of the resumes I've read would make me want to call the candidate in for an interview. The majority of resumes are poorly crafted and don't present any sort of viable skillsets.

I think more and more employers are beginning to share my frustrations. Just today, I ran across several good articles about resumes.

Four Things That Can Send Your Resume in the Trash

Why I Won't Hire You

I would also add:
  1. Don't put your picture on your resume
  2. Proofread everything
  3. Have your most judgemental friend or family member proofread as well
  4. Don't lie
Nobody will know how amazing you are until you present yourself correctly!

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